Vendors going green

2 Jul 2019

After years of trying, the City of New York finally put in place a ban, this January, on single-use styrofoam. Which makes sense — nearly 60 million pounds of styrofoam get thrown away each year, clogging landfills and harming wildlife.

Vendors, who often serve their food in styrofoam clamshells, generally want  to be more green. As vendor Mohammed Sarkar said, “at the end of the day, its better for my business, and the planet.” But they must be notified about the change! The Department of Sanitation sent more than 130,000 mailers to businesses warning them of the new rules, and attendant fines, but they forgot to tell vendors! With vendors, enforcement without education is often the city’s approach. That is wrong. Still, SVP is doing our best with our limited resources to help vendors implement this change.

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