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Solidarity forever

6 Dec 2013

Working with vendors is so unique that it can sometimes leave us isolated from other movements. But together we are all stronger, right? And lately, more than ever, we have been working in solidarity with other groups. This year, we joined the Food Chain Workers Alliance, and were proud to stand with FCWA and Brandworkers recently in their support of the workers at Amy’s Bread Company in Queens. Good food and good treatment of workers should go together!

We also recently collaborated with the NY Civil Engagement Table on an excellent NYC Council Speaker Forum, where they even asked a question about street vendors!  And to top it off, this week we stood in solidarity with Chinese Staff Workers Association, who are working to organize restaurant delivery workers, a hard-working immigrant population that often overlaps (and faces similar race and class-motivated targeting) with SVP’s own members.

Hello world!

22 Mar 2012

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Vendors join immigrants’ struggle

1 May 2006

SVP members James Williams and Teresa Gonzales (left) are participating in the Community News Production Institute (CNPI), a WBAI program to bring the voices of street vendors, domestic workers, and taxi drivers to the airwaves by producing their own radio spots. James and Teresa got some prominent air play this week, which you can listen to here and here.

SVP vendors meet Jesse Jackson!

29 Apr 2006

Who says street food is bad for you? Mohammed Miah, an SVP member and food vendor near our office, frequently got requests from customers for vegetarian options, but he never knew quite what to do. A little computer research (and a nice sign, with help from board member Angelo Vega) was all he needed to expand his business to soy dogs, which he is now selling like hotcakes. Go visit him on the corner of Bleeker and Broadway — and stop by our office at 666 Broadway to say hello while you’re at it.

Some vendors sell chili dogs.

SVP embarks on Project Soy Dog

24 Apr 2006

More than 80% of NYC vendors are immigrants, so it only makes sense that a group of vendors turned out for the historic rally in Union Square today. It was a beautiful day, and what a thrill it was to link hands with so many people in a common struggle. See photos here: 1 2 3
9. And here is a story about our appearance.

NY Magazine covers Noho United

3 Apr 2006

SVP food vendors Munnu Dewan and Mohammed Ali (who brought his whole family) served the large crowds at the United for Peace and Justice anti-war rally today in Foley square. Click to see how long the lines were and how much Rev. Jesse Jackson loves his vendors. Thanks to UFPJ for inviting us — the vendors will be donating you 10% of their earnings.

Times editorial on ALJ reform

12 Feb 2006

Sarah Garland’s short piece unfortunately did not mention SVP, but it did describe how beautiful it is when the workers become their own bosses.

Upper East Side stroller set love vendors!

5 Feb 2006

Dan Ackman, a friend of SVP, has hit exactly upon why the City Council needs to pass Intro 718 and 711. We have been told these bills are being re-introduced this year. Nice job Dan!

Daily News covers Health Department harassment

1 Feb 2006

The LA Times did this interesting article about how vendors in Mexico City formed a cooperative that negotiated with city officials for space. Thanks to Cheri Rosche for sending this article along to us.

Times writer flirts with coffee vendor

22 Jan 2006

Instead of reforming their system so that food vendors themselves get vending permits (instead of people living out of state), the Health Department is harassing vendors in Brooklyn. Sadly, this kind of thing happens every day.