“This isn’t a business!”

16 Nov 2009
LA crackdown thumbnail In the suburbs, people have garage or yard sales to get rid of old stuff they have lying around the house. Especially when times are tough, like now. In New York, if you're lucky enough to have a stoop, you can have a stoop sale. But in LA, poor people have to sell their junk on the sidewalk.  Then the police come and take it away. Or so reports the LA Times, in this recent article about vendors, professional and ameteur, around Echo Park. Our LA correspondent  Rocky Ramirez wrote in with a similarly heartbreaking report (complete with photos) from LA's Koreatown, where he lives. Thanks for getting involved, Rocky!

One Response to ““This isn’t a business!””

  1. Kyle December 2, 2009 at 10:00 pm #

    This is what we get for continuing to vote for Garcetti.

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