Taco struggles

26 Jan 2011

Sometimes the struggles of one person (indeed, one street vendor) reverberate through a whole community. Something like Mohamed Bouazizi, but on a smaller scale, is the struggle of Patricia Monroy and her son Alberto Loera (left). Their taco truck has been a much-loved source of cheap and delicious food on East 86th and Lex for almost three years.

Unfortunately, Patty and Alberto make the East 86th Street Merchants Association “uncomfortable.”  For real. The result has been a campaign of ticketing, towing, and arrest that has energized the vending community. Alberto and his mom understand the struggle is not just their own, but part of a bigger campaign against excessive penalties for minor violations (allegedly violating a parking rule). Amy Zimmer at DNA info has been all over the story herehere, and here. Listen to the radio clip, view the photos,  or watch the video.

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