Sticking to it until we win

13 Dec 2012

You'd think, with 20,000 or so vendors in New York City, elected officials would listen to us. Sadly that is not the case. They should, but they don't. Many vendors are not U.S. citizens, so they can't vote. And vendors are only now being organized into a group to have political power.

In the meantime, we'll use our other advantages -- including the fact that vendors occupy some of the most valuable real estate in the city. Outdoor advertising in NYC is effective --  ads on the sides of public telephones alone generate $62 million each year. Starting today, vendors across the city will be using their carts as billboards to encourage Speaker Christine Quinn to call a vote to Lower the Fines. We announced this advertising campaign today outside Penn Station. You can read more about it on Gothamist, Midtown Lunch, and in Metro and El Diario. Keep your eyes out for those signs - and read more about our campaign here.

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