Occupy SVP

17 Oct 2011

Not only is Zuccotti Park, the headquarters of Occupy Wall Street, just a few blocks from SVP's office in Lower Manhattan. Its also very close to our heart. As protypical members of the 99%, street vendors are oppressed by wealthy elites who are "uncomfortable" with their presence, and yet who have the ear of policy-makers like our Mayor. Though vendors don't have time to sleep in the park (and though some are sadly losing business,) SVP members are squarely on board OWS's main goal: economic fairness.  After our general meeting last week, vendors grabbed our banner and marched over to Zuccotti Park to perform our traditional "vendor power" cheer, to the delight of the OWS crowd. We are now participating in OWS working groups to help plan future events, while looking for other ways to collaborate with this historic movement.

UPDATE: With OWS, we just launched a web platform to buy food for the protestors from local vendors who have been negatively affected by the presence of the protests. Please visit http://streetvendor.org/ows

2 Responses to “Occupy SVP”

  1. Polis December 2, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    Excuse me, but why don’t we put the blame where it belongs? The NYPD is to blame for the sufferings of the street vendors, not the protestors. How about removing all the unnecessary and obstructive barrackades that have been in the Zuccotti Park area since September?

  2. SVP December 2, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    We agree with you that the police and their barricades certainly deserve a lot of blame, Polis. Thanks for commenting.

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