Making the grade

28 Jan 2019

After several years of talking about it, the NYC Department of Health is finally giving vendors letter grades, just as they do with restaurants.

We support this change and always have. Vendors are already inspected by the DOH -- they should receive recognition when they have a clean record, just as they receive tickets and fines when they fail.  To be clear, we definitely DO NOT support the GPS tracking system the DOH wrongly claims it need to give the letter grades. We are considering a legal challenge to this unsafe and overly intrusive practice.

But as for the grades themselves, the time has come, and vendors are excited. We hope this new practice will finally shut up those ignorant people who claim that vendors are not required to comply with the Health Code. Even more important, if will bring vendors greater respect. Indeed, twenty of the first 24 vendors to be inspected so far have received an A. No surprise to us!

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