Vendor Resources

Vending Information Sheet by the New York City Department of Small Business Services.

Application for Sales Tax ID download and send in this form needed to apply for your licence.

Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) official website for one of the City agencies that governs vending issues.

NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board are the police harassing you? File a complaint.

Disabled veteran street vendors info. topics of special interest to disabled veteran street vendors.

NYPD home page of the New York’s finest.

Worksman Cycle well-regarded NYC-based manufacturer of food vending carts.

Small Business & Legal Resources

Accion New York loans and other support services for small business entrepreneurs throughout New York City .

NYANA services for immigrants, including business planning, loan assistance, and immigration help.

The Association of Senegalese in America offers direct services, such as ESL and computer classes, and legal referals.

Law legal resources for people with low and moderate incomes: employment discrimination, immigration, housing, etc.

Laws of the City of New York public access to NYC Charter, Administrative Code, and Rules.

Fast Up Front get approved for unsecured business financing — no collateral required.

Friends of the Project

Yellow Owl Workshop beautiful hand-crafted cards, party invites, etc. from Christine Schmidt.

Reverend Billy Rev Billy & the Church of Stop Shopping — anti-globalism crusader and vendor supporter.

Stephanie Skaff thought-provoking blog of artist Stephanie Skaff, who performing in Lower Manhattan in Fall, 2007.

The King of Falafel site of Farez Zeideia, finalist at the 2007 Vendy Awards (includes recipes).

Research Links

Historic Vendor Images NY Public Library’s archive of historic drawings and photographs of street vendors.

The New York Pushcart Recommendations of the Mayor’s Commission shows how NYC vendors were treated in 1906.

Article by Susan Wasserman “The Good Old Days of Poverty: Merchants and the Battle Over Pushcart Peddling on the LES .” academic site with a lot of information about farmers’ markets, street vendors, and the informal sector.

StreetNet international alliance of street vendor organizations (of which SVP is a proud member).

SIDEWALK by Mitchell Duneier required reading for anyone interested in street vendors in NYC.