Hail the heroes!

2 May 2010

In case you haven’t heard, NYC street vendor Lance Orton (left) and other vendors are being declared as heroes around the world for spotting the car bomb in Times Square yesterday and taking quick action to report it to the  NYPD.  Thank you, Lance, for your quick and selfless thinking. You are a hero for your service in Vietnam and you were a hero again yesterday.

But, apart from the headlines, this is really nothing special. We hear from vendors all the time who foil purse-snatchings, pick-pocketings, and other crimes. Remember Aboucar Lah, who intervened with a knife-wielding assailant to save a woman’s life last year? Just imagine if, instead of  ticketing and harassing vendors, the NYPD worked with them to establish a “Vendor Watch” program for fighting real crime?

First, though, Mayor Bloomberg needs to take Lance and the other vendors to dinner! Join the Facebook page we just created to demand that that happen. Let’s see how many people we can get to join!

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