The Street Vendor Project is a small, non-profit organization that relies on contributions from individuals who care about our mission. We receive no money from the government – our funding comes wholly from our members, from a few private foundations, and from people like you.Do you care about the people who struggle to sell things on the streets of New York City and believe they deserve a chance to earn a living for themselves and their families? If so, please consider even the smallest donation.

Your money will be used to directly support this movement – for example, to keep our computers working and our lights on, to pay the rent in our office where we have meetings and where vendors come visit us every day, and to pay the salaries of our small staff.

To make a tax-deductible donation, please send a check payable to the Urban Justice Center to:

Street Vendor Project
40 Rector Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10006

or donate securely online:

Thanks to all the individuals below who generously contributed to our 10 Year Anniversary celebration.

Leslie Akst
Evelyn Michelle Andrews
Gary Basinski
Carl Bergquist
John Blesso
Christopher Braun
Chip Brookshaw
Melissa Broudo
Lawrence Cabusora
Leslie Carrington
Gillia Cassell-Stiga
Sandra Castro
Mark Chang
Nina Chernoff
Bryn Chernoff
Said Dabbagh
Sarita Daftary
Michael Davis
Thomas DeGeest
Ryan Devlin
Jared Domingos
Maura Donnelly
Erin Durkin
Scott Fisher
Benjamin Fogarty
Mark Foggin
Portia Formento
Kimberly Fry
Daniel H. Gallancy
Benjamin Galynker
Christine Gaspar
Shari Goldstein
Emily Goodman Binick
Dennis Grant
Lauren Handel
Zanetta Harris
Jeffrey Henigson
Amy Holmes
Lindsay Howe
Marjorie Hutton
Mary Hutton
Marisa Jahn
Mansi Jasani
William Jordan
Mike Karp
Marcia Kelly
Richard Klein
Rachel Kleinman
Pery Krinsky
Kimberly Krone
Philip Lau
Phillip Lee
Yunji Lee
Jeffrey Lerman
John Lynch
Donald E. Magee
Daniel Maland
James Mandiberg
Luz Martin del Campo
Heather Mehler
Beatriz Mieses-Hernandez
Dan Morrison
Ali Najmi
Erik Nevala-Lee
Pooja OHanlon
Doris Oppenheimer
Jeff Orlick
Michael Paranac
Cori Parrish
Nami Patel
Olivia Peoples
John Pham
Perry Resnick
Emily Rodriguez
Ben Rosenblatt
Hannah Roth
Alexis Rubin
Jonathan Russek
Sarah Sable
Mary Sack
Michael Sacks
Teresa Santos
Bhaswati Sengupta
Deepti Sharma
Sara Sheinkin
Isha Sheth
Dara Silverman
Bridget Splain
Nicole Taylor
Nikki Tennermann
Imelda Tjahja
Mark Torrey
Yanki Tshering
Pauline Vallero
Cynthia VandenBosch
Sandra Vu
Jessamyn Waldman
Allyson Walker
Carolyn Wall
Siobhan Wallace
Steven Wasserman
Vicki Weiner
Susan Weinrich
Steven Weinstein
Benjamin Wellington
Kacy Wiggum
Ernie Wong
Stephanie Wong
Emma Woods
Heather Wrin
Mark Wurzel
Jack Xiang
Jeffrey Yamaguchi
Jason Yeung