The Street Vendor Project is a small, non-profit organization that relies on contributions from individuals who care about our mission. We receive no money from the government – our funding comes wholly from our members, from a few private foundations, and from people like you.Do you care about the people who struggle to sell things on the streets of New York City and believe they deserve a chance to earn a living for themselves and their families? If so, please consider even the smallest donation.

Your money will be used to directly support this movement – for example, to keep our computers working and our lights on, to pay the rent in our office where we have meetings and where vendors come visit us every day, and to pay the salaries of our small staff.

To make a tax-deductible donation, please send a check payable to the Urban Justice Center to:

Street Vendor Project
40 Rector St., 9th Floor
New York, NY 10006

or donate securely online:

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A BIG thank you to our 2010 Donors!

(Please bear with us as we update this part of our website)

Staci Abelow
Jonathan Abrams
Francisco Acoba
Barbara Agostini
Janet Aguhob
Humbert Alain
Erin Albritton
Michael Allen
Marcella Allen
Katelyn Alloy
Michael Alsalem
Daniel Aminzade
Gino Ammirati
Gregory Andres
Liz Aragona
Dan Dickinson
Ejim Dike
Tiffany Ding
Hillel Dlugacz
Loren Domilici
Connor Dougherty
Karyn Drews
Avram Drori
Laura Dukess
Whitney Edwards
Jonathan Eisenberg
Jonathan Eng
Xavier Erard
Jonathan Espiritu
Kenneth Essig
Ho Ying Fan
Ben Farkas
Tarynn Farmer
Douglas Fathers
Jonathan Feinberg
Megan Feldman
Natalie Fernandez
Isabell Figuera
Alison Fischer
Jason Fitz
Doug Fleming
Isadora Forman
Ted Fox
Alysen Friedman
Andrew Froberg
Timothy Fu
Kevin Fuller
Dara Furlow
Rebecca Gadzuk
Daniel H. Gallancy
Anita Gandhi
Sayuri Ganepola
Silvett Garcia
Elisa Garcia
Katherine Gaston
Martha Gaudiel
Elizabeth Gazay
Lauren Geller
Daniele Gerard
Carolyn Gerry
Katherine Ghi
Razzy Ghomeshi
Stacy Giancaspro
Lena Glaser
Steven Glazer
Abby Gnanendran
Wallace Gobetz
Chris Goldberg
Laura Goldberg
Kevin Goldstein
Yvonne Gong
Etsy Gorman
Damon Gorrie
Yuriy Grechukhin
Sarah Greenberg
Scott Greer
Elizabeth Gres
Brett Gross
Yue Guan
Addy Haas
Philip E. Hadad
Jesica Hadad
Gaelen Hadlett
Chong Sung Han
Daryl Hanna
Chris Hansen
Josan Harris
Dionisia Hatzis
Andrea Heisinger