English, Yiddish, and Greek

1 Feb 2010

In 1905, Rev. Bernardino Polizzo (member of the Mayor's Pushcart Commission) said, "I think it would be a great advantage to all the peddlers to have a translated copy of the license issued. As it is, some of the Italians cannot understand the regulations of the road and the ordinances of the City. If it were printed in English...in Yiddish...in Greek, Italian and Syrian for the others it would prove to be a great aid to them."

SVP did something about this problem last year, with the 5-language Vendor Power guide (which will be showcased at the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial opening May 15th. ) So why does Consumer Affairs still pass out a thick photocopy of the vending rules in no language but English? Do they want to be upstaged by D.C., which is now publishing its vending rules in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia?

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