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SVP beats back ECB fine increase (again) !

11 Jan 2006
Congratulations to Ramin Bahrani, director of Man Push Cart, a fictional film about a coffee vendor in NYC. SVP helped consult on the film. We can't wait to see it.

Vendor movie gets rave reviews

9 Jan 2006
In a puzzling decision, a 2-1 majority of the Appeals court found that Nac and Mastro's hats ARE protected by the First Amendment, but that they can't sell them anyway! The court told them to put their names on the license waiting list, apparently not knowing that it has been closed since 1993.

SVP loses at 2nd Circuit: vows to keep fighting

5 Jan 2006
We're not sure who was chasing who, but she's right about one thing: vendors are part of our daily lives.

DCA writing fewer tickets

20 Dec 2005
The NYTimes had a nice follow-up to Community Board 8's recent anti-vendor proclamation in the City section today. Sounds like the board should have asked actual community residents what they think (instead of a few store owners who are griping about competition).

Rolf Babiel victorious!

11 Nov 2005
Just as determined as the city is to raise vending fines to $1,000 per violation, we are determined to stop them. Today, State Supreme Court justice Michael Stallman declared the ECB's second try at raising fines faulty, and sent them back to the drawing board. Vendor power.

Daily news scoops Vendy Awards

3 Nov 2005
Rolf Babiel (with his brother Wolfgang) from Hallo Berlin took home top prize at the Vendy Awards last night. Read the Times article here, with much more to follow about a great night.

Vendy finalists announced

23 Oct 2005
Download it here in Enligsh, or check back later for Chinese and, maybe, Arabic!

Summer newsletter released

14 Oct 2005
The Daily News had a nice lead-up to the Vendy Awards today.

SVP testifies on bills to improve ECB

29 Sep 2005
Wow. Two days after our protest, SVP members stood beside Speaker Gifford Miller as he introduced a bill that would roll back the vending fine increase and provide interpreters at ECB. This bill is a direct result of our work. Read the Daily News coverage here and note how Bloomberg is on the defensive.

Vendors rally in Trinidad & Tobago

26 Sep 2005
SVP is happy to announce the First Annual Vendy Award finalists! With a line-up like this, tickets are going fast -- get them while supplies last.