2014 – 2017 press

2018 Press Legislation to "Lift the Caps" on City's Food Vendors Stalls in City Council, Edible Manhattan, Jan 23, 2018 Fidi Tower Owner Hopes to Displace Food Vendors with Street Furniture, Tribeca Trib, Jan 22, 2018 Fearing Deportation, Food Vendors are Leaving New York City's Streets, NPR, Jan 12, 2018 2017 Press New Permits for Street Vendors Will Not Be Issued (in Spanish), NY1 Noticias, December 19, 2017 Street Food Fight, NY1, December 15, 2017  Wait For New Street Vending Permits Continues (in Spanish), NY1 Noticias, December 15, 2017 History of Food Carts in NYC, Pix Channel 11, November 29, 2017 Street Vendors Celebrate and Organize, Voices of NY,  November 15, 2017  Food vendors hit wall in fight for city permits, Crains NY, October 18, 2017 Here are the best street food vendors in NYC, Pix Channel 11, September 16, 2017 #SafetyIs rally, dozens imagine a community free of police violence,  Mic.com, Aug 2, 2017 Mayor hosts town hall meet in Astoria, Queens Chronicle, July 27, 2017 De Blasio Gets an Earful at Queens Town Hall, The Indypendent, July 21, 2017 My Everyday Hustle: the Street Cart Vendor,  PBS Chasing the Dream, July 17, 2017 Heleodora Vivar, A Matriarch Who Defends Her Own, Voices of NY, June 19, 2017 City's small businesses rally, but can they unite? Crains, June 14, 2017 Anthony Bourdain’s Journey Through Queens is a Celebration of the American Dream, Gothamist, May 22, 2017 Bourdain Takes ‘Parts Unknown’ to His Queens Backyard, NY  Post, May 19, 2017 Raspados in the Morning, Elotes in the Evening, Explore Parts Unknown, May 19, 2017 Legislating New York’s Street Food Vendors, Explore Parts Unknown, May 18, 2017 Bourdain on Queens: “This is  a Wonderland” Because of Street Food, Eater, May 18, 2017 Standing behind street food vendors, Queens Chronicle, May 11, 2017 African Leaders and Bronx Pols Rally for Street Vendor Beaten Unconscious, Observer, May 9, 2017 Prosecutors Charge Man with Brutal Bronx Beating of a Street Vendor, NY1, May 9, 2017 Family Speaks Out about Bronx Vendor Attack, ABC News 7, May 8, 2017 Street Vendor Who Had Skull Broken Needs Funds for Medical Care, DNA Info, May 5, 2017 Food cart owners charge NYPD abuse, Queens Chronicle, May 4, 2017 Street vendors accuse city workers of destroying pushcarts, NY Post, April 27, 2017 Street Vendors Sue City after DOH Seizes & Disappears Their Food Carts, Gothamist.com, April 27, 2017 NYC Health Department illegally destroyed vendors' pushcarts, lawsuit claims, NY Daily News, April 26, 2017 Crowdfunding a Well-Deserved Break, NY Times, April 25, 2017 A Day in the Life of a Food Vendor, NY Times, April 18, 2017 Vendedores ambulantes piden permisos para trabajar en las calles de NYC, Mundo Hispanico, April 5, 2017 Street Vendors Remember One of Their Own at Candlelight Vigil in Queens, NY1, February 24, 2017 Vendors Call on City Council to Increase Number of Permits, Honor Late Advocate Jackson Heights Post, Feb 24, 2017 Memorial vigil for late Corona street vendor serves as a call for action on food permits, QNS.com, February 24, 2017 Activist street vendor remembered in Corona a year after her death, Queens Times Ledger, February 24, 2017 Continúan las limitaciones para los vendedores de comida en NY, Telemundo, February 14, 2017 Telemundo Investiga: El mercado negro de vendedoras ambulantes, Telemundo, February 13, 2017 2016 Press Family Loses their Savings on Food Vendor Permit Scam, (Spanish) NY1, December 15, 2016 Anthony Bourdain Supports Doubling of City’s Food Carts, Eater, November 29, 2016 A desire named street cart: Red Tape stifles NYC vendors, Associated Press, November 26, 2016 Food Carts Carve Global Niche, Bloomberg News, November 21, 2016 Bill Could Double Street Vendor Permits Given Out, Brooklyn 12, November 18, 2016 Bill Would Increase Number of NYC Street Vendors, Bronx 12, November 15, 2016 I’ve Waited 20 Years for a Food Vending Permit, NY Times, October 31, 2016 NY Can Make Room For New Food Carts & Leave Space to Walk, Streetsblog, October 28, 2016 Council Considers Doubling Number of Permits for Food Trucks, NY1, October 26, 2016 Proposal Presented to Give More Permits to Street Vendors (Spanish), NY1, October 13, 2016 Food and Power in the Streets of Queens, the Progressive, October 12, 2016 New York City May Double Number of Food Vendor Permits, NY Times, October 10, 2016 Pushcart Politics, CultureStrike Magazine, September 28, 2016 The City's Best Food Carts Hit the Streets, NY City Lens, September 24, 2016 Women Vendors are White with Fines (Spanish), El Diario, August 15, 2016 City on Street Vendors Hurts Immigrants, AM New York, August 8, 2016 Squeezing Immigrant Street Vendors: the Giuliani Era Never Ended,  Huffington Post, August 2, 2016 We're Afraid of Working Like This, but Don't Have a Choice, El Diario La Prensa (via Voices of NY), July 28, 2016 Holding Down the Hot Dog Cart Amid New York's Street Food Wars, CityLab, July 25, 2016 Street Vendors Plan Protest Against NYPD and Broadway Businesses in Soho, DNA Info, July 18, 2016 Inside the underground economy propping up NYC's food carts, Crains NY, June 12, 2016 Community Shows Support for Beloved Ice Cream Vendor, Metro NY,  May 24, 2016 Street Vendors Demand to be Taken Seriously, El Diario (via Voices of NY), April 26, 2016 New York City street vendors protest permit cap with parade outside City Hall, NY Daily News, April 26, 2016 City Street Vendors Call on Lawmakers to Boost City's Cap on Permits, NY1, April 26, 2016 Street vendor says NYPD unlawfully told him to move his food cart, PIX-Channel 11, March 24, 2016 NYPD Seized Food Cart After Vendor Questions Order to Relocate, DNA Info, March 24, 2016 City street vendors to hold parade celebrating their work, Metro NY, March 21, 2016 City Tries to Boot Sunnyside Coffee Vendor From Plaza Under 7 Train, DNA Info, February 8, 2016 Soho Street Vendors Protest Unfair Regulations, Caps on Permits, DNA Info, January 19, 2016 2015 Press In NYC, Rules Push Some Food Vendors to Black Market, Voice of America, December 30, 2015 Small Business Owners Share Their Most Harrowing Bureaucracy Stories, Gothamist, December 10, 2015 NYC's bureaucracy and red tape will kill your favorite food truck, NY Post, November 22, 2015 NYC Street Vendors Want to End the Black Market for Permits, Vice, Oct. 20, 2015 Vendedores callejeros arrecian su lucha, El Diario, Oct. 15, 2015 Vendors Push to Lift Permit Cap, Chelsea Now, Oct. 14, 2015 Street Vendor Project tries to woo City Council with dumplings, Metro NY, Oct. 7, 2015 NYC street vendors generate $71.2 M in taxes, study says, NY Daily News, Oct. 2, 2015 Fighting for the Right to Sell a Smoothie on New York Streets, NY Times, Oct. 2, 2015 Street Vendor Cap Could be Lifted, NY Press, Oct. 1, 2015 Vendedores ambulantes exigen mas permisos para trabajar en las calles, NY1 Noticias, Sep. 23, 2015 NYC street vendors plead with City Hall to lift decades-old cap on permits, NY Daily News, Sep. 22, 2015 Vendedores ambulantes piden mas licensias a la Ciudad, El Diario, Sep. 22, 2015 Food vendors rally at City Hall over cap on permits, AM New York, Sep. 22, 2015 It's time to act on street vendor crisis, Crains NY, August 10, 2015 NYC's Street Sellers Work to Decriminalize Sidewalk Selling, Free Speech Radio News, July 29, 2015 Food Cart Vendors are Getting Kicked to the Curb, The Nation, July 13, 2015 Vendedores Callajeros Piden Menos Limitactiones, NY1 Noticias, June 29, 2015 NYC Street Vendors Demand More Permits, WFUV, June 29, 2015 City Council aiming to revolutionize street vending, Crains New York, May 29, 2015 Crackdown on vending's black market has only made things worse, Crains New York, May 27, 2015 Street cart and food truck vendors seek relief from city fines, Crains New York, May 15, 2015 Eco-friendly food carts to hit NYC sidewalks, AM New York, May 11, 2015 500 street vendors will get eco-friendly carts, NY Daily News, May 11, 2015 Bringing Food Trucks into the Open, The Brian Lehrer Show, May 1, 2015 Stricter Rules Fail to Dent Black Market for Vendor Permits, WNYC, May 1, 2015 Street Vendors Push for Legitimacy, Mott Haven Herald, April 27, 2015 Churro Vendors Brave Arrest to Make a Living in the Subway System, DNA Info, April 6, 2015 Lift the cap on New York City's street vendors, Crains New York, March 20, 2015 Raise the Wage in New York: Voices of Street Vendors, Labor Lines Radio, AM-970, March 24, 2015 Help the Street Vendor Project Lift the Permit Cap, Midtown Lunch, February 25, 2015 Top-rated NYC Food Truck Cinnamon Snail to Shut Down, Wall Street Journal, Feb 24, 2015 El Frio Afecta A Los Vendedores Ambulantes, NY1 Noticias, Feb 23, 2015 2014 Press   East Harlem Opens Vendy Plaza, a Food Truck Gathering Place, AMNY, Oct 26, 2014 Award-winning vendors head to East Harlem’s La Marqueta for delish new initiative,  NY Daily News, Oct 25, 2014 City Should Boost the Number of Street Cart Permits, Politician Says, DNA Info, Oct 23, 2014 Controversy surrounds arrest of underground subway performer, 7 Online, Oct 21, 2014 The NYC cook who turned a tiny food cart into a celebrated culinary triumph, Mashable, October 19, 2014 Police Brutality Against Street Vendor is Exposed in Brooklyn, AlterNet, Sep 19, 2014 As another Harlem building redevelops, locals worry culture is lost, Columbia Spectator, Sep 18, 20014 NYPD investigates alleged police brutality in Sunset Park, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sep 17, 2014 Street Vendor Project launches campaign to expand retail-on-wheels, Midtown Gazette, Sep 14, 2014 The Vendys at 10, Wall Street Journal, Sep 11, 2014 Faced with Restrictions, NYC Vendors Push Back, Feet in 2 Worlds, Sep 8, 2014 Joan Rivers was a “Classic New Yorker,NBC Channel 4, Sep 6, 2014 Hero Street Vendor Gets Award at Vendys, DNA Info, Sep 2, 2014 Chin backs vendor-license transfers for families, the Villager, Aug 27, 2014 Corn, Tamales, and the Apple Marys: A Brief History of Women Street Vendors, WNYC, Aug 27, 2014 Seeking Respect from Police, Times Square Mascots Form Alliance, NY Times, Aug 19, 2014 Top food-cart vendors battle it out for Vendy Awards Masters Cup, NY Daily News, Aug 17, 2014 Ramadan in the Big Apple is just one challenge for halal food vendor, The National, July 26, 2014 Hot Dog Vendors Settle Lawsuit with City over Fines for How Food was Prepared, NY1, June 20, 2014 New York’s Finest Butt Heads with Street Vendors, Fusion TV, May 24, 2014 Street Vendors Protest Being Booted from NFL’s Supuer Bowl Blvd., DNA Info, Feb 1, 2014 Vendors Protest After NYPD Displaces Them From Times Square for Super Bowl Boulevard, NY1, Feb 1, 2014 3 Forgotten Economies of This Year’s Super Bowl, Colorlines, Jan 31, 2014 Vendors, Bike Messengers, and Dog Walkers on Working Outside in the Cold, WNYC, Jan 29, 2014 For some older articles, go here.