A Day for Vendors

17 Nov 2018

There are lots of silly holidays these days, from National Guacamole Day all the way to National Clean-Out-Your-Fridge Day. Most of them are shameless plugs sold by public relations flacks on behalf of big companies. But International Street Vendors Day, celebrated around the world each November 14th, is something different. It is not trying to sell you anything. Instead, the point is simply to recognize the contributions that vendors make and raise awareness on the significant challenges they face, from India to Spain to Kenya. And yes, here in New York.

We always try to celebrate this special, if slightly made-up, day. A few years ago we did clean-up after Hurricane Sandy, last year we celebrated with vendors at our office, and this year we had a dumpling-making event with some close friends and supporters. We also reached out to a bunch of StreetNet affiliates around the world and compiled this very short video greeting. Enjoy!

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